Our Spiral Logo

Spiral The spiral in the Kyros logo was created by Louis Poinsot (1777–1859), a French mathematician and physicist. Often called the inventor of geometric mechanics, Poinsot showed how certain forces acting on a rigid body could result in a rotational movement about a center, without any one force overwhelming the other—a resultant change without any one force dominating. Though the center remains pivotal and anchored, the once-rigid body moves.

If your church seems like a “rigid body,” consider what forces are competing to change it. What forces could be welcomed to work together without fear that any one force be overwhelming? What center would best anchor your church through transformative movement?

Analysis prior to Poinsot’s work lacked any visualization of the movement that a rigid body could make. Although it’s odd to have a physicist as inspiration, maybe the church could benefit from visualizing itself no longer as a rigid body but instead in motion like a Poinsot spiral.