Churches, judicatories or denominations may face complex issues relating to abuse, potential abuse, power dynamics or boundary issues.  Sometimes the perspective of someone outside the community can help discern the healthiest path in a difficult situation.

Kyros Ministry offers consultation to faith communities who find themselves in these situations.  Our staff listens with seasoned ears and asks the right questions to help you sort out responses that lead to greater health for individuals and the whole community.

Some of the topics we have dealt with:

  • Challenges of Registered Sex Offenders Participating in Congregations
  • Clergy Self-Care & Soul-Care
  • Consideration of Candidates for Ordination
  • Creating Policies & Practices for Safer Congregations
  • Cybersex Issues (Internet Abuse & Addiction)
  • Dealing with Challenging Staff, Volunteers or Others
  • Dealing with Sexual Addiction Issues
  • Handling Abuse Allegations
  • Improving Congregational Health
  • Intervention in Abusive Situations
  • Managing Sensitive Information without Secret-keeping
  • Professional Boundaries
  • Reducing Possibilities of Abuse (Risk Management)
  • Responding to Boundary Violations
  • Tapping Spiritual Components of Healing