Crisis Intervention & Recovery

Specialists from Kyros can assist when a congregation or judicatory (religious governing body) finds itself facing the extreme pastoral and legal challenges of responding to allegations of abuse within their midst.

Intervention and recovery efforts may focus on:

  • congregations
  • victims
  • offenders
  • affected families
  • and/or youth groups

 Additionally, efforts may have a special focus like:

  • Responding to Allegations of Abuse by Clergy or within the Congregation
  • Appropriate Forgiveness of Former Offenders
  • De-escalating Congregational Conflict
  • Helping Sexual Addicts Find Help
  • Maintaining Congregational Health in Crisis
  • Violations of Ethical Boundaries


Kyros can provide on-site sessions and/or coaching for faith leaders to design their own process of response and long-term recovery.